Premium Stainless Steel Fishing Weights


The Steelpear is a fishing weight for bottom fishing. The pear shape ensures aerodynamic casting and good adhesion to the bottom of the water. The ring is used to attach the fishing line. It is worked directly into the body of the Steelpear and is very stable.


The Steelolive has the shape of an olive and is intended for float fishing. The fishing weight has a continuous bore and a threading trough on both sides. That makes it easier for the angler to thread the fishing line.


The Carpsteel has been specially developed for carp anglers. Due to the high weight, long throws can be achieved. The fishing weight is also suitable for self-hook rigs. The eyelet can withstand a load of up to 1000 Newton meters. The matte shade camouflages in the water.

"The fishing weights are of outstanding quality, perfectly manufactured and, unlike lead, 100% accurate in terms of weight" (cf. Matchangler Magazine 03/2022).

How to get our fishing weights

Private customers can purchase Steelshark fishing weights via the online shop.

Business customers can request a non-binding offer.